The Corn Feeder by BH Feeders


The Corn Feeder, manufactured by BH Feeders, is a high-quality affordable corn feeder featuring the licensed MB Ranch King Blinds feeder assembly housing. The Corn Feeder is available in a 500 pound capacity (based on corn weight). The feeder is constructed in galvanized material (hopper-14 gauge, funnel-14 gauge, sides and lid-18 gauge). The licensed MB Ranch King Blinds feeder assembly housing features THE-ELIMINATOR spinner plate that keeps all the corn from being exposed prior to distribution which make it hog and coon proof. The feeder spreads the corn evenly and up to 25 feet keeping it away from the feeder. This unit comes completely assembled with the PLAN-B timer, 12 volt battery, and solar panel. The Corn Feeder has a 50 inch fill height making it easy to fill from the ground.



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