SPORTSMAN Solar Powered Motion Activated Feeder Light




100% Solar Powered

All Night Operation

Slowly Brightens

Available in 3 Color Options

5 Modes of Operation

Motion Activated

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Our newest generation of motion activated feeder light technology has arrived! The Kill Light Sportsman Motion Activated Feeder Light illuminates game animals with super bright, LED light powered by 100% solar power. Gone are the days of replacing batteries. The Sportsman’s built in solar panel and rechargeable battery pack soak up the sun during the day providing you with hours of operation at night. Equipped with advanced Anti-Spook Technology, the Sportsman gradually increases brightness when activated keeping game under your feeder for that all important shot opportunity. Rugged, weatherproof aluminum housing is built to survive for years in the field and easily mounts to the bottom of your feeder or nearby post. The Sportsman has 5 modes of operation to choose from allowing for even greater customization to fit your particular setup.

MODE 1 – Power Saver Mode: light turns on at 50% power when motion is detected
MODE 2 – All Night Power Saver Mode: light stays on at 10% power all night and increases to 50% power when motion is detected
MODE 3 – Extreme Bright Mode: when motion is detected, light comes on and gradually brightens to 100% power
MODE 4 – All Night Extreme Bright Mode: light stays on at 10% power all night and increases to 100% power when motion is detected
MODE 5 – All Night Acclimation Mode: light stays on all night at 25% power to acclimate animals to the light

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