Nose Jammer Natural Scent-Masking Aerosol Field Spray

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Wrong wind? No problem! Nose Jammer utilizes the most commonly occurring scents in the woods to overload the sense of smell of any big game animal. It s so powerful and effective game won t be able to smell anything else! Works well in any wind condition and wont alarm wildlife. Disables any big game animals sense of smell without alarming them; Animals wont be able to detect or track your scent; Made from compounds that are emitted by trees, shrubs and grasses; Comes in an aerosol bottle; Mfg. Number: 3304; Nose Jammer Field Spray




  • FORGET ABOUT SHIFTING WIND CONDITIONS: Take that buck or bull’s keen sense of smell out of the equation and get closer to him for an easier chance to make a lethal shot
  • SCIENTIFICALLY DEVELOPED: Utilizes vanillin and other ORGANIC compounds common to deer and elk habitats delivered at concentrated levels to effectively JAM, or OVERLOAD the animal’s sense of smell
  • NOT A COVER SCENT OR AN ATTRACTANT but rather a massive INFLUX of natural odors that game animals are conditioned to ignore, thereby overloading their sense of smell making it much less prolific
  • EASY TO USE: Aerosol can makes it easy to spray on clothing, boots, gear, treestand, blind, surrounding vegetation, etc; simply uncap and spray before and during the hunt
  • USEFUL IN ANY HUNTING SCENARIO: Effective for blind, tree stand or spot and stalk hunting




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